Welcome! This is my little corner of the internet. My name is Anna Starkova and I am an  animator, caricature artist and an adult wanna-be. I am a soon to be graduate from Sheridan college, with my degree in animation, ready to step into the industry. Like any graduate I am scared and excited for what's about to happen, I have freelanced my way this far and I am looking forward to what the future holds. I am excited about working with talented people, sharpening my skills and working on collaborative projects. Currently, I am working on my short film which is going to come out at the end of April. 


Blue Hat is my registered business name, It came about when I was spotted  drawing in my blue fedora, and it stuck ever since. This project has been incredibly fun learning experience so far, sometimes it was hard to juggle with the school work but I loved every second of it.  With Blue Hat I have done festivals, events and studio projects. Over the four years  I have worked with clients big and small, some of my returning clients include TD, Scotiabank, Seneca, George Brown etc.  Events are always a blast, the people I have met caricaturing are incredible, and I am looking forward for more. 


Email:           bluehatart@gmail.com

Phone:          (905) 617 49-09